Website Redesign 2020 – Majesthetik Solarium & Beauty Sarajevo

Our team at Visual Media Factory® recently finished a website redesign for our client long-term client Majesthetik Solarium & Beauty #Sarajevo 🖤

Their website got a new and modern look! You can check out their new website on this link 🌐

Creating visual media is a passion that our entire team shares! That is the main reason why we exceed at what we do. We don’t do it just for the money, we also do it because we love doing it. We always strive to create amazing content that will stand-out 🔥

Put that together with our proven strategies that are custom-tailored for each client and your business will get:

 a wider reach,
 more clients,
 more sales,
 and a positive online presence

Visual Media Factory®🦉 🌐
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+387 63 038 603 – Viber & WhatsApp 


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