Benefits of Marketing on Google in 2020!

Social media profiles and growth are great, but how do all people get to those profiles? Google!


Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and is growing day by day, and what are you going to do if you have a few thousand followers on Instagram and Facebook, but still end up on the 4th page of Google? Everyone uses Google Search to find information, news, help, directions, shop and as you know, a lot more! The Google ecosystem has become an integral part of our lives. We use Google Maps to navigate and find directions, Google Docs to type and save on the cloud, Google Mail for work or personal usage, Google Drive to store our data securely and safely and more!

Social Media Management & Marketing can get your business reach, leads and clients to a certain extent, but you need to put more effort in order for your business to succeed and have a high Return on Investment (ROI). Search engines play a significant role in everybody’s lives, everybody uses them, including your potential clients. It is very important for your business to be ranked on top of Google in order to be recognized. By just ranking first for the keywords related to your brand and business generates a positive barrier with reviews, mentions and information about your business. Everybody searches on Google, and use the first 3 results in over 90%  because they think that the top results are the most reliable ones!

If your website or profile isn’t ranking on top, it wont get the reach it deserves, and you will not get better engagement. In order to rank higher, you need to adjust the usage of your keywords, create quality content adjusted for your customers and think through the non-visible parts of the internet.

You need to think through the media content you post, if you post blogs, studies, videos of your work, employees, you seem more interesting to your customers. With Google, you can advertise the audience when they are searching for a certain product and target a certain audience simply by using certain keywords.

The visibility a brand gets just by using Google is much more valuable in selling your business then by any other engine on the internet. When you are ranked on the top and you combine that with Google Ads you can dominate your industry locally or globally! You remain on the top of search results and that will enable you to drive more visitors and clients to your business! Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Ads on Google make a power pack and are really cost-effective in the long run!


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